What are some of the things that you could do in Akuressa and Matara?  Akuressa which is a large town in the Matara district is an attractive destination. Matara which is on the Southern coast of the Southern Province is excellent to explore. One of the famous places in Akuressa is the Nandana Tea Factory.  This factory is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of tea over some of the countries like United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. The tea in this factory is rich in quality. Taste the different flavors of tea at the Nandana tea factory. The other thing that you could do in Akuressa is that you could go on a bike trail through the tea plantations in Akuressa. Akuressa is famous for its tea plantations, and you could cross them by hiring a bike. It would be adventurous.


The Weherahena Buddhist Temple

This Buddhist temple is another site that tourists visiting Matara should not miss. As you get to the entrance, you will see a large Buddha statue and galleries of beautiful old paintings and carvings. You have to go through the underground tunnels to look at the shrines and artwork depicting Buddha’s life. It also has a huge compound where you could walk freely and take photographs. The entrance fee is also cheap and affordable. This place is interesting.


The statue of the Kushta King


Another place that you should visit is the Kushta King statue. It is a huge rock.  It’s only a few miles away from the center of the Weligama town. The statue is the best depiction of the Mahayanist Buddhist tradition. The name is Rock of the Kushta King which is great of historical and archaeological values. There is an interesting legend behind this carving. It is believed that the Kushta king came in a ship and ordered this statue to be carved.


The Parawi Duwa Temple

Paravi Duwa Matara

The ParawiDuwa is situated few miles away from the Matara bus stand. It is connected to the main road with a bridge. The temple’s beauty itself and its scenic beauty are famous among tourists. Its peaceful surrounding makes it an unmissable opportunity. Once you go to the temple, you could see the lovely natural surrounding blended with the sea coast and the temple. This place is one that you should never miss as a tourist in Matara.


The Snake Farm

Snake Farm

The Snake Farm is another place that would be interesting for you to visit in Matara. This place is home to venomous and dangerous snakes. If you are a snake lover, this is the best place for you to spot few snakes. You could even touch these snakes.



These are some of the famous places that you could visit in Matara as a tourist. Travel in Matara and Akuressa and visit these wonderful places. They have historical as well as cultural significance. Tourists will find the tea plantations in Matara also full of scenic beauty, and of course, they will love tea trails.