Sri Lanka, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean is famous for its pristine beaches. Tourists could either dive, surf or snorkel in the beaches.  Hikkaduwa is a renowned site for surfing. Hikkaduwa brings three main breaks: one beach break for beginners in the South, and another reef break in the middle another in the North. Surfers who come to Hikkaduwa might want a safe, quality service providing reservation to stay at and you can find many Budget hotels around Hikkaduwa. This place that is 100% cleanly is going to help you glance the vibrant nightlife in Hikkaduwa, the reputed coral reefs, and the sun-kissed beaches.


Famous surf points in Hikkaduwa

The reef breaks that is famous among surf tourists are the Benny’s, Main Reef, North Jetty and the Beach Break. The Benny is ideal for left-handers, experienced surfers who could perfectly work well over 6ft of waves and the main Reef is ideal for the left and right-handers. This reef is extremely safe. The North Jetty is the reef break by the harbor wall, and the Beach break is ideal for beginners as it is going to be safe for them.

Hikkaduwa is also home for scuba diving and snorkeling. Among the reefs,  lives varieties of colorful fish, turtles, and other small marine creatures. Every year groups of people flock to surf in Hikkaduwa and also they, of course, need a place to stay.  Hikkaduwa is a recommended place for all those surf loves because the reservation is close to the sea. All surfers should be cautious because at times there would be big waves that might end up in risking lives. You must be aware that there are coastal currents and corals around.  These are some of the stuff that one should keep in mind when surfing.  Surfing is a much-enjoyed activity, but there is a lot to think about the activity. If you go to Hikka, you would see that there is plenty of surf schools. The beach is abundant in beach boys. Both males and females engage in this outdoor adventurous water sport. Its simply wave riding artistically.


Benefits of Surfing

Here is what surfing does. Tourists love surfing because it brings about wonderful health benefits. Well, it is great for cardiovascular fitness, and then it also gives strength to your shoulders and back. You will be able to make your muscles strong as you paddle. Your leg is also going to get strengthened by engaging in this water sport. These are some of the reasons why people tend to engage in this activity and also it is great if you are someone who loves daring and adventurous activities. In Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa is one of the great places to engage in surfing, and you would enjoy the experience in Hikkaduwa.

If you are in Sri Lanka, do not miss the surfing opportunity in Hikkaduwa, because it is one that you should try even for once in your lifetime. Happy surfing!