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Why is Sri Lanka an attractive destination?

Sri Lanka is famous because it is an island that has fantastic beaches. It is situated in the Indian Ocean in South Asia. The history of Sri Lanka is legendary. The pristine beaches and the cultural heritage landmarks the beauty of Sri Lanka. The area of Sri Lanka is around 65,610 kilometers and in it lies 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The wildlife is something that tourists have to see, and the tea estates of nearly 500,000 acres are the other wonder. There are about 250 acres of botanical gardens, 350 waterfalls, and 25,000 of water bodies. Sri Lanka has been given different names by travelers of the ancient times. It was once known as “Serendib, Taprobane, and Ceylon. The most commonly used name is the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.


Hotspots in Sri Lanka


Trincomalee is one of the places that you will have to visit indeed. It has few places of the great value of history as well as culture.  The Fort Frederick is situated in Trincomalee, and in this, you have the Koneswaram sanctuary. The Pigeon Island is also in this area. It is one kilometer away from the golden beach of Nilaveli.  Rock pigeons live around this area, and thus it has got its name.  The beaches of Trincomalee is also great for snorkeling and diving. The corals in the sea is also a great sight.  The other site in Trincomalee to visit is the Thirukkoneswaram (Koneswaram) Temple. You find this temple also inside the Fort Fredrick. You can stand on the Swami Rock., the highest point and capture wonderful photographs. You would also see the “Lover’s Leap.”



Sigiriya is another valuable site that you must visit.  Its name has originated from the term Sihagiri. The place is famous for the Sigiriya rock, which is a historical monument and regarded as the Eighth Wonder of the World. It is a fort complex and is one of the most visited places by many of tourists every year.  If you are a tourist, you should visit the place if not you will be losing a valuable opportunity. Once you climb the mountain, you will see that it is full of a network of fortifications, gardens, ponds, and fountains. The mirror walls and the frescoes are the other must watch on the Sigiriya rock. The mirror walls are full of inscriptions and poems. These were poems written by visitors of Sigiriya. King Kasyapa was the one who dwelled on this rock and who came up with such a brilliant idea. There are few extraordinary artifacts in Sigiriya. The entrance is a huge stone lion. All the skills used on the rock is very creative and amazing. The architectural technology used is unique and great on the rock.


budget hotels in Ella

Ella which is in the Badulla District is another place that you have to visit in Sri Lanka. This place is rich in biodiversity and is full of beautiful flora and fauna. Once you go to Ella, you will see a pleasing sight. The forests, the lush greenery, the rocks and the tea plantations around is a wonderful sight. Many climb the rock while camping. Its waterfalls is another that makes a beautiful scenery. Some of the places that you could visit in the Ella town is the Ella rock, Adam’s Peak, the Nine Arch Bridge, Lipton’s seat, Ravana Waterfall, and Ella Spice Garden.


Galle is another interesting place to visit in Sri Lanka. Many tourists visit the Galle Fort. Galle has been identified as a Unesco World Heritage Site. The port is full of Dutch-colonial buildings, mosques, and churches. You would also come to see grand mansions and museums. The stylish boutiques on both sides are something else that is attractive. This fort is surrounded by the ocean on three sides. Once you go to Galle, you will find its ambiance attractive, and the winds and the environment are mixed with the sea breeze coming from the sea. This place is something that is unmissable.

Sri Lanka is an island full of attractive destinations. The sceneries, the customs, and values in Sri Lanka attract many tourists. Most of the destinations are of archaeological, historical and cultural importance. One must indeed visit these places and see those techniques and skills that ancient laborers have been using.  The people of Sri Lanka are welcoming, warm-hearted and friendly. These aspects make the tourists have a heart touching experience. Budget Hotels brings you the best experience!